Roof Truss Designs


Commercial roof trusses can vary and may include:6

  • Regular/Common Truss: Most popular and affordable truss design in residential and commercial properties.
  • Scissor Truss: Offers more headroom on a first story with a cathedral ceiling.
  • Cambered Truss: Offers extra first story headroom and a mid-section flat ceiling.
  • Dual Pitch Truss: Constructed with two different roof slopes; the front slope is normally steeper than the back slope.
  • Monopitch Truss: Often used to build single sloped roofs or overhangs; can be used as center support for a common truss roof.
  • Gambrel Truss: Resembles the traditional look of a barn and can be built with a storage attic included.
  • Cathedral Truss: Also called a Vault Truss with a vaulted ceiling.
  • Studio Truss/Studio Vault: Offers extra headroom or a vaulted ceiling.
  • Polynesian Truss: Built with a significant slope from heel to peak to create a dual pitch top chord.
  • Inverted Truss: Often used to build a Double Inverted Truss roof with a vaulted ceiling with reinforcement from two bearing supports.
  • Flat Truss: Can be used to construct a floor or roof with two parallel chords.
  • Bowstring Truss: Constructed with short top chords to create a curved roof surface.
  • Attic Truss: Offers extra attic storage space.