Nanuet, NY Is a Night Lovers Town

When finding a venue to party with your friends or enjoy food and drinks in Nanuet, you are guaranteed to find a place with the kind of environment you want. Below, we explore places people party and drink while in Nanuet. Learn information about Nanuet, NY.


This is one of the best gentleman’s clubs in Nanuet. The drinks are moderately priced, and the dances are amazing. It is a great venue for people that love to party with dancers. There are even private dance options available if that is what you are looking for. The music in Lace is loud and vibrant and perfect for people looking to dance the night away. Discover facts about Nanuet, NY is a Food Lover’s City.

SPOT Billiards Café Lounge

There is a full lounge space available for rent. You can rent this space and host your birthday party or graduation party and invite everyone you know because there is plenty of space. This is a great bar for people that love playing pool. There are different types of pool tables available in this bar. The staff is very polite, welcoming, and personable, and the prices for alcoholic drinks are very affordable. There is also plenty of parking available in the SPOT billiards café lounge. You can also go to the bar on trivia night and have a great time. This bar has a full-service bar that offers all kinds of drinks. You will definitely have fun visiting the place at night.

Casa de Montecristo

Casa de Montecristo is a modern cigar store, bar, and lounge. The bar offers a large selection of premium cigars and smoking accessories. Casa is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy an extraordinary and relaxing smoking experience. It is a great place for people who want to have fun while out of town. Casa also offers a large selection of beverages for visitors to enjoy. Casa also offers ample outside seating for people to smoke and drink while enjoying the outdoors.

Kelly’s Tavern

Kelly’s Tavern is a local dive bar that offers inexpensive food and cheap beer. It is great for locals who are looking to have fun at an affordable price. Kelly’s Tavern offers large portions of comfort food and drinks until your heart is content. Kelly’s Tavern is a quiet place and convenient for people looking for a hiding place from the busy city life. Kelly’s Tavern offers a wide selection of common whiskey and vodkas, and you and your friends can pass the time as you have a fun experience.

Jacqueline’s On Main

Jacqueline’s On Main is situated in the heart of Nanuet, and it is an amazing place for wine lovers. Jacqueline’s On Main services tapas and fine wines. This venue provides the highest quality atmosphere, food, and drinks. It is a great place to have a night out with friends. Jacqueline’s On Main offers private rooms for people looking to host birthday parties and other forms of parties. Jacqueline’s bar is gorgeous and cozy, and it offers a relaxing experience for people drinking wine and spending time with their friends.