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Metal Roofing is an increasingly popular option today, especially in the New York and New Jersey area. Metal roofs use sturdy galvanized steel, aluminum or copper materials that come in long sheets fashioned to resemble a row of shingles or tiles. There are a variety of custom panel sizes, colors and finished coatings available, making metal roofing ideal for many commercial projects and modern homes.

As the leading metal roofing contractors in New York and New Jersey, we will design and install a roofing system that offers a beautiful finish to your foundation with the ultimate protection. 

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers a number of benefits over other roofing materials. Metal roofing is fire resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Here are some other important advantages of metal roofing:

Versatile and Attractive

Can be made to look like wood shakes, shingles and clay tiles


Metal roofing is typically made from recyclable material


Lightweight material that can be installed over existing roofing material


Has a high endurance to the elements, providing long-term weatherability

Types of Metal Roofs

Choose the right type of metal roof for your home or commercial business. Depending on the look and feel you’re going for, A & J Reliable, Inc. offers a variety of metal roofing materials best suited for your project needs. Each material offered will differ between appearance and price. Below is a breakdown of each of the metal roofing materials available:

1. Aluminum Metal Roofs

Aluminum is one of the most common premium materials used in commercial and residential metal roofing. Aluminum is a soft metal that is very lightweight in comparison to other metal materials. It’s very resistant to corrosion that can be caused by seawater, so New York and New Jersey residents can avoid the risk of rust on their homes. Aluminum metal roofs should be coated or painted to complete the finished look. Color is determined by the business or homeowner.

2. Galvalume Steel Metal Roofs

Galvalume steel is a type of carbon steel sheeting that is commonly used in both commercial and residential metal roofing projects. The steel sheeting is coated with aluminum (55%) and zinc (45%) to include the best properties from each of the types of metal. It looks almost identical to galvanized steel, but provides a much smoother matte finish. Similar to aluminum metal, galv-steel provides a protective covering that is resistant to corrosion and rust. It also has high-temperature oxidation resistance and heat reflective properties to ensure a temperature-controlled environment.

3. Copper Metal Roofs

This type of material is considered a high-end metal roofing material due to its rich copper finish and elegant look. Learn more about copper metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Styles

1. Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam is one of the most common styles of metal roofing for residential projects. This type of roofing system features metal panels that run vertically from the ridge of the roof down to the eaves (bottom of the roof that overhangs the walls). The edges of each metal panel are turned upwards and connected by fasteners to the adjacent panel. This creates a distinctive, raised vertical line between each panel that’s referred to as the “standing seam.” One of the best features about this metal roofing style is that there are no visible fasteners or screws, preventing any sources of potential leaks.

2. Barrel Metal Roofing

This style of metal roofing is also commonly referred to as “spanish tile” or “roman tile” roofing. Barrel metal roofing has curved panels that look like a cut-away barrel from below. The finished look offers a very sophisticated and elegant appearance to your home. Barrel tiles are well-known for their durability, longevity, protection against wind, hail and fire, and energy-efficiency.

3. Swoop Metal Roofing

The third option for your metal roofing style is a curved, or swooping roof. This style offers a very classy and unique look to your home, and works perfectly for homes that have two or more stories. The swoop can begin from the same point or different points on the ridge, and swoops outward to form a curve. One of the best features of swoop metal roofing is its ability to combine different textures and shapes, making each roofing project unique.

Metal Roofing Installation

Installing metal roofing in NY and NJ can be a significant undertaking. That’s why it’s important to hire the right metal roofing contractor for the job. Our skilled professionals are certified experts at installing metal roofing directly or over an existing roofing system. We will ensure your roof is installed quickly, safely and effectively, so it provides long-term performance for years to come.

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