The roof on your home was built to withstand quite a bit of punishment. It can handle pretty strong winds, heavy rain, and relentless sunshine beating down on it for hours on end. It can even handle snow and ice – as long as it’s not too much. The problem here in New York and New Jersey is that it’s easy to accumulate more snow and ice than your roof can handle during just one winter storm.

A & J Reliable, Inc. provides professional roof snow removal in New York and New Jersey. We don’t mess around when it comes to snow and ice because we know how damaging it can be to your infrastructure. Just one call is all it takes to have our crew of experienced snow removal experts give your roof the tender loving care it needs during the winter months.

Importance of Removing Snow From Roof & Gutters

You may have lived in the tri-state area all of your life without ever giving a second thought to how snow and ice could cause damage to your roof and gutters. You would not be alone. Homeowners have a tendency to believe that roofing design has always accounted for the excess weight of snow and ice. That might be true for some modern homes (although it’s rare) but it’s certainly not true for older homes.

Possible Damages Caused by Snow & Ice:

Accumulated snow and ice weighing as little as 20 pounds per square foot is enough to cause problems. What kinds of problems are we talking about? The following are common winter roofing issues and possible damages that can be caused by snow and ice:

  • Melting snow can create ice dams that rip your gutters off.
  • Water from melting snow can get under shingles and freeze.
  • Water under the shingles can rot roofing timbers.
  • Water under the shingles can cause mold and mildew in attic spaces.
  • Water under the shingles can get inside the home, run down interior walls, and cause all sorts of problems.
  • Ice dams and icicles can injure people on the ground should they break and fall.
  • Falling ice and snow can damage your car, trees and shrubs, basement windows, etc.
  • Water dripping from icicles can lead to erosion of the home’s foundation.

A worst-case scenario would be a large enough accumulation of snow and ice to actually collapse your roof. The damage listed above is possible with 25 pounds of snow and ice per square foot; accumulation of 60 pounds per square foot is enough to cause collapse.

Roof Snow Removal Services

When you call A & J Reliable, Inc. for roof snow removal in New York or New Jersey, we will immediately schedule a crew to come out to your property. After assessing the situation, our crew will devise the most effective strategy to clear your roof of damaging snow and ice. If you’re unsure if your roof needs to be cleared or not, schedule a FREE inspection so we can ensure no damage is being caused to your roof or gutters. We perform inspections all throughout the winter season, so don’t be afraid to contact us at any time!

We utilize the latest techniques for safe snow removal from the ground when possible. If necessary, we may need to use elevated snow removal techniques to complete the job. In either case, our crew will clear your roof while protecting your gutters, your windows, and the ground area below.

Leave It To The Professionals

Take our word for it when we say that roof snow removal during the cold, winter weather is not a job for everyone. There are right and wrong ways to remove roof snow and ice, and doing things the wrong way can cause more trouble than it’s worth. It can also be extremely dangerous for your well-being.

Improper snow removal can damage the shingles on your roof. It can wear down the abrasive top layer of shingles, making it more difficult to work on the roof in the future. Improper removal can also lead to serious injury by way of falls or being struck by snow and ice flying through the air.

If you have more than one or two inches of snow accumulation on your roof, please don’t try to clear it yourself! Call A & J Reliable, Inc. instead. We have the tools, experience, and know-how to safely clear your roof in no time at all. A clean roof offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have any ice dams, icicles, or water problems to deal with.


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