Consider Regular Roof Cleaning to Save Money!

Regular roof cleaning can save you money by maintaining a fully functional roof, improving the appearance of your property, catching any minor repairs before they become serious issues, and extending the lifespan of your roofing system.

When it comes to properly removing residue and debris from your roofing structure, A & J Reliable offers a roof washing solution that is affordable, safe and effective. With over 35 years of experience in roofing maintenance and care, we’ve seen the advantages and disadvantages to just about every product on the market. We know the proper roof cleaning methods to use, roof washing products to avoid, and elements to look out for on your roofing system before they cause serious damage. 

Common Residue and Stains Found on Roof

Time and time again we get questions about the stains and growth homeowners are noticing on their roofs. It’s not as bad as you think…

Most homeowners have one or more of the following on their roof:

1. Bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magna/Blue Green Algae) 

Gloeocapsa Magna has become a major epidemic and growing concern of 80% of the roofs in the United States. This bacteria loves to feed on the limestone filler that is in older style fiberglass shingles.
All it takes is for a few spores to land on your shingles, the bacteria continues to multiply and spread, causing black streaks and stains. These stains will worsen year to year unless treated.

2. Lichen 

Usually white or green in color but can come in brown or yellow tones. Lichen are a mixture of fungus and green algae. Lichen attaches and roots itself to the shingle granites and loosens them from the fiberglass matting.

3. Moss

Almost always has a green color and if left untreated becomes noticeable from the street. Moss will cling to the roof and retain moisture, destroying the roof.

Algae Lichen & Moss need three elements to grow: moisture, heat, and nutrients from shingles. A&J Reliable has invested a year of research to develop a proper cleaning agent that is safe, affordable, and the most effective system around.

Do NOT Use Pressure or Power Washing on Your Roof!

While many roofing companies in New York and New Jersey may claim that it’s the best cleaning solution for your roof, pressure washing or power washing can actually cause more harm than good to your roofing structure. Reasons why you should not choose pressure or power washing for your roof:

  • Pressure washing loosens the UV protective granules and practically guarantees that your roof will fail.
  • Power washing does not kill the algae spores and the algae will return.
  • Water could get behind fascias, flashings and siding causing major damage.
  • Many roofs start to leak after power washing them.

The Best Roof Washing: 
Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning

A & J Reliable will use a non-pressurized method that dispenses soaps to remove the algae, lichen, and moss. Our team of experts have invested over a year of research to develop the ideal roof cleaning agent to properly and safely remove all debris. Stop the damage and extend the life of your roofing system with our roof cleaning services in New Jersey and New York.

You will see almost immediate results! The algae is gone by the time our truck leaves your property, and over the next 2 to 3 weeks you will see the lichen and moss start to change color, dry up, and flake off the roof. Subsequent rains will help to naturally waste off that remaining debris.

Say goodbye to unsightly and destructive algae lichen and moss. There will be no damage to your roof or home. With our roof cleaning services in New Jersey and New York, you can expect to:

  • Stop the damage and extend the life of your roof.
  • Add value to your home upon appraisal or sale.
  • Sanitizes your roof, controlling mold, preventing allergies and flu-like symptoms.
  • Get your roof back to the color it should be.
  • Create beautiful curb appeal for your home. Make your roof look like new.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services 

  • Our trained professionals at A & J Reliable have the right products and knowledge to properly clean your roof.
  • Our premium roof cleaners are powerful and effective, biodegradable and safe.
  • No matter how stained your roof is we can restore it to look new again. You will be astonished how great your roof will look. A & J Reliable also issues a 2 year warranty that the algae, lichen and moss will not return or we will return and repeat the process.

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