Blauvelt State Park near Nanuet, New York

Undeveloped means no toilet facilities, so come prepared. If you are looking for some unspoiled nature without going too far, there is a beautiful undeveloped state park near Nanuet, New York.  Blauvelt State Park is only about 5 miles east of Nanuet and is a great place to relax and enjoy nature in Rockland County. Learn information about Nanuet, NY.

Fascinating History of Blauvelt State Park

Blauvelt State Park covers 664 acres of open woods and trails. In 1910, Blauvelt State Park was a New York National Guard rifle range. The people in Grand View grew weary of the bullets.  Discover facts about Fascinating Facts About Nanuet, New York.

Today you can still see ruins of the tunnels that connected targets to the firing line during this time. 

Palisades Interstate Park Commission

After only three years of complaints, the New York National Guard gave up Camp Bluefield, and Blauvelt State Park was turned over to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, which still maintains the park. It was next used as a YWCA summer camp.  Near the end of World War I, the ROTC used it as a training ground. In World War II, soldiers from nearby Camp Sharks used it as a troop staging center.  It was also used as an air raid post during World War II.  

Blauvelt State Park Today

In Blauvelt State Park today, there are tons of hiking opportunities. There is a 3-mile trail called the Long Path.  This trail connects Tackamack Town Park to the south with the Sean Hunter Ryan Memorial County Park to the north.

The Sean Hunter Ryan Memorial County Park is adjacent to Nyack College. Named for a park ranger who tragically fell to his death during a rescue, this park is about 12 acres in size.  People who love trees will see Red Oak, Chestnut Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Witch Hazel trees along this trail. Wildlife includes chipmunks, skunks, rabbits, and deer. Birders also report wild turkey, scarlet tanager, and red-bellied woodpecker along the Long Path trail.

The Long Path links Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the Adirondacks. You can design a hike as long or as short as you want. 

Buttermilk Falls

Another trail in Blauvelt State Park connects Schuyler Town Park and Buttermilk Falls County Park. Buttermilk Falls is 165 feet high. It gets its name from the wide frothy cascade of water that resembles creamy buttermilk. Buttermilk Creek falls over 650 feet before reaching Cayuga Lake. 

While hiking in Blauvelt State Park, you will find many splendid overlooks where you can see the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee.