The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Roofing

What’s the use of having a sturdy home or building if the roof is not properly made or well-maintained? Commercial building / business owners should remember to protect one of their most important investments – their building’s roof. The roof is essential for protecting occupants and supplies, and maintaining the exterior features of the building.

Proper commercial roofing must be considered by contractors and building owners when it comes to sealing their businesses’ homes. It is vital to protect both your employees, office, and more importantly – your business itself.  You don’t want to turn your investment into a waste just because of a defective and poor roofing system.

Use this list of do’s and don’ts as a guide to ensure a quality and well-maintained commercial roofing system that will expand the life of your investment and thoroughly protect your business.

Things to Do to Ensure Quality Commercial Roofing:

1. DO research on the different commercial roofing systems and options

This will give you an idea of your choices when it comes to the type of system and materials needed by your commercial or industrial roof. Different systems come with different procedures and costs.

2. DO thoroughly assess your roof preference

Have a concrete plan for the roof. Decide for the right commercial roof type while keeping in mind the budget constraints for the construction and maintenance. You don’t want to install a high-tech type of roofing and get lost in the middle for the maintenance costs and procedure.

3. DO find an accredited commercial roofing contractor

Get your building a professional and reputable commercial roofing contractor. Take time to research accredited contractors in your area by checking with the Better Business Bureau and researching local customer reviews. Also make sure to compare the package and quality of services they offer. A good commercial roofing construction doesn’t just depend on you, but also is dependent on your chosen contractor – so make sure to find an accredited contractor that you can trust. 

4. DO listen to the contractor’s professional opinion

Your commercial roofing contractor has the knowledge and expertise about the pros and cons of different types of commercial roofing. It’s better that you tell them all your expectations, constraints, and preferences so they can get a precise idea about the appropriate roofing type for your building.

5. DO choose the right roofing materials

Your contractor will give you an overview of the kinds of materials to be used depending on your chosen roofing system. It’s better to get involved in the construction as well, starting with researching and choosing the right kind of materials for your roof. A trustworthy contractor will make sure to supply top-grade materials that offer both durability and longevity.

6. DO schedule regular inspections and maintenance

After construction comes maintenance. Incidents of leaking or other problems should be reported to the contractor for immediate repair. Prevention is much better than repairing a badly damaged roof.  Remember, negligence can cost you a lot more in the long-run – so make sure to schedule regular inspections and the necessary maintenance.

Things to Avoid in Commercial Roofing Projects:

1. DON’T let a small budget mainly dictate your decision

Cost and expenses should not be the only factor to be considered when it comes to protecting your investment and your employees (or occupants). Quality of materials, type of roofing system, reliability of contractors, and proper maintenance constitute the overall quality of your building roof.

2. DON’T let other people decide for you

Never let any person other than you and your contractor majorly affect your decisions. You yourself know your budget and preferences that you tell to the contractors. You can ask for opinions and experiences of other people who are knowledgeable about commercial roofing but the final decision lies on you.

3. DON’T let unqualified people do the inspection and maintenance

Never try doing the inspection all by yourself. Never ask inexperienced or unqualified people do the work of maintaining and inspecting your roof. Minor damages may be overlooked and may turn into a big problem if not properly and immediately addressed.   

Keeping these tips in mind at the planning stage will make you successful in choosing the right commercial roofing system for your building and your business. Never underestimate a good roof when it comes to housing your business.  Just remember, taking care of your investment starts with you providing it a good home. 

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