Nanuet, NY is a Kid-Friendly City

If you are considering going for a family outing, there are so many things you can do with your kids while in Nanuet. The area has a lot to offer for every member of the family. There are so many venues to choose from, and we will explore them below. Information can be found here.

The Shops at Nanuet

The Shops at Nanuet is a premier shopping destination with a vibrant shopping environment. It is a beautiful open-air center that offers the best retail, dining, and entertainment. For instance, families can enjoy summer movies at the Regal movie theatre. The theatre offers sensory-friendly screenings for children with special needs. This is an adaptive movie experience with lowered sound and brighter lights. Furthermore, kids are allowed to dance and sing along with the characters in the movies at these screenings. Once you are done watching the movies, you can explore the different restaurants at the center and enjoy a delicious meal with your family. See here for information about Nanuet, NY Is a Night Lovers Town.

Turtle Boo

Turtle Boo has a variety of indoor activities for kids to enjoy. For instance, they have games, bouncing castles, rides, and a soft play area. There are also arcades for all ages provided at Turtle Boo. The soft area has tunnels, a worm cage, ropes, and different slides. The soft play area has spots like a cozy clubhouse where you can relax. There is a different area for toddlers aged two years and below. They are able to bounce around age-appropriate equipment. Turtle boo also has three slides for all ages, and it is fun because you can enter any of them any number of times you want. The arcades have all kinds of games for kids of all ages. The games give prizes and tickets to winners. There is a collection of Turtle Boo brand items that are given to kids who win these games.

Children’s Park

Families can go for a picnic at this park and spend the day playing around. Again, locals can go for a walk at this park. This is a great way to spend your evening after work by talking about your day. Children can also play hide and seek games at the park. Children can also play with dirt and mud, which is a great experience for them. The paths in this park are great for biking and jogging as well. There is a nature area where you and your family can escape your daily life and spend some time in nature. Similarly, the Children’s Park has basketball courts and four handball courts for people that enjoy sports.

Tumble-Bee Gymnastics and Fitness

This is a great place that offers programs for all children. Their goal is to build the confidence and self-esteem of every child. Tumble-Bee provides a safe and fun environment where children can undergo different physical and mental challenges. This is a great place for parents with younger children because they specialize in programs for young children. Each offers an exciting adventure with unique lesson plans and set-ups for preschool programs. Tumble-Bee also teaches gymnastics to children aged five through twelve years.