Tile Roofing

Clay tile is a popular roofing material most often used in the Southwest to create a Mediterranean or Spanish look on a property. Most tile roofing is manufactured from clay, although it can be made from concrete or sand.

Clay tile roofing is an in-demand roofing material thanks to its durability; clay tile can last more than five decades with the proper care and maintenance. Since clay tile is known to protect against the damaging UV rays of the sun, it is best used in a temperate to hot climate with warm weather the majority of the year.

Nonetheless, clay tile doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Clay tile is a heavy roofing material to use for a housing or commercial structure. It may be difficult for some homes to support this type of heavy-duty roofing without costly internal structural upgrades.

Once clay tile roofing has been installed, a contractor will need to visit a home or business every 10 to 20 years to replace underlying materials that support the tile. Commercial facilities must also keep in mind that tile can break easily when it is walked on, meaning that it isn’t suitable for an office facility with roof activity.

Clay Tile Cost

  • DIY (Not Recommended): $6000-$10,000.
  • Professional: $12,000-$21,000, up to $65,000 for high-end tiles.

**Necessary structural upgrades may add $1500 onto the price.

While clay tile roofing is highly attractive on a home or business, it does not provide any advantage when it comes to energy efficiency. The good news is that clay tile is rated high for both storm and fire-proofing. It also holds up well under inclement weather conditions.

For homeowners and business owners looking for a stylish roofing solution, clay tile can be used to protect a structure with the utmost in fire safety and durability.