Get Familiar with Commercial Roofing Materials

The longevity of a commercial roof depends directly on the materials that are used to build the structure. Commercial roofs can be built with a wide range of materials with some of the most popular choices including: Composition: Otherwise known as asphalt shingles, a composition roof can be used on contemporary commercial buildings. However, compared… read more

Roof Truss Designs

Commercial roof trusses can vary and may include:6 Regular/Common Truss: Most popular and affordable truss design in residential and commercial properties. Scissor Truss: Offers more headroom on a first story with a cathedral ceiling. Cambered Truss: Offers extra first story headroom and a mid-section flat ceiling. Dual Pitch Truss: Constructed with two different roof slopes;… read more

What Are the Most Popular Commercial Roof Styles?

While roof trusses can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, they offer countless advantages for a commercial facility to support both design and functionality. In a commercial property, roof trusses will provide a wider span available and can increase the load bearing weight to accommodate heavier roof materials. Depending upon the facility, commercial… read more

The Structure of a Commercial Roof

When it comes to commercial roofing, you’re likely to find these basic roof structures atop a commercial facility: Flat: A flat commercial roof doesn’t have a slope or peak in the roof. For this reason, the accumulation of snow and rainwater can be a chief concern for a business. A flat roof is made up… read more