What Are the Most Popular Commercial Roof Styles?

While roof trusses can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, they offer countless advantages for a commercial facility to support both design and functionality.

In a commercial property, roof trusses will provide a wider span available and can increase the load bearing weight to accommodate heavier roof materials.

Depending upon the facility, commercial roof trusses may be constructed by a carpenter on-site. However, pre-manufactured roof trusses are greatly increasing in popularity since they can be manufactured and tested for strength and load capacity prior to construction of a large commercial facility.

Since pre-fabricated roof trusses are built in a factory, they offer the benefit of additional strength thanks to higher quality materials. The materials used to construct a pre-fabricated truss have not yet been exposed to moisture or inclement weather conditions.

A large commercial facility may integrate a number of roof truss designs to support the span and square footage of a property. With the use of a roof truss system, internal load bearing walls are no longer needed. This will provide more space and flexibility within the interior design of a business for use as office space, a restaurant dining room, an industrial plant, and much more.

Visible roof trusses can be easily seen in barns and manufacturing structures. Many barns are constructed with a gable or regular truss design with slopes in varying degrees.