What Tools Do You Need to Clean a Roof?

Here are the supplies that you will need to clean your roof: Ladder Non-skid shoes Extra-long garden hose 4 gallons hot water 1 gallon bleach 1 cup Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) cleaner Bucket Garden sprayer Start by mixing bleach, hot water, and TSP in a bucket until materials dissolve completely. Pour the mixture directly into the… read more

How to Waterproof a Patio Roof

In the final and most important step of the process, you’ll protect the integrity of the structure that you have built by installing a waterproof barrier. A sufficient waterproof barrier must include two layers to resist moisture accumulation, located between plywood and patio roof tiles. Patio roof waterproofing can be achieved with the following steps:… read more

How to Lay Plywood Over Roof Rafters

For residential use, plywood is an economical and efficient building material that can be used as an alternative to traditional lumber. In a patio roof, plywood will be used primarily for reinforcement and bracing. After hanging rafters for a patio roof, the next step is to lay plywood over the rafters using these helpful guidelines:… read more

How to Build Rafters on a Patio Roof

A sturdy, long-lasting patio roof structure hinges on solid framework. To begin the project, you’ll start by building rafters to support a patio roof with the following steps: Position the ledger board. The first step in attaching a patio roofto a house structureisto place the ledger board at the correct height, horizontal and level with the… read more

Flashing Guidelines for Chimneys

Moving right along, chimney flashing is a must to provide a water-resistant barrier where roof shingles meet a chimney. When rain falls on a roof, chimney flashing will direct water away from the chimney/roof junction. You can install seamless chimney flashing with the following steps: Pry or scrape off old metal flashing and roof cement, if… read more

Flashing Guidelines for Vents

In order to provide the same caliber of water protection around roof vents, you can use the following steps for flashing installation: Remove shingles surrounding the vent with a pry bar to avoid damage. Pry up existing flashing with the use of a lever. Gently pull flashing to remove over the vent pipe. Replace with new… read more