DON’T Use the Wrong Roofing Materials

Things to Avoid in Residential Roofing Projects Tip #1: Don’t Use the Wrong Roofing Materials Choosing the wrong roofing materials is a recipe for disaster, plain and simple. Not only is roof construction a time-consuming and painstaking process, but it can be financially and physically demanding. To add to that stress, building with the wrong materials… read more

How to Assess Roof Fatigue

Roof fatigue is none other than wear and tear caused by number of outside factors, like changes in seasons, winter storms, high winds, and even animal infestations. Roof Evaluation Checking for roof fatigue is part of the basic evaluation process. You can assess areas of wear and tear on your roof with 5 helpful criteria: 1…. read more

No-Brainer Guidelines for Roof Safety

The good news is that roof safety isn’t complicated in the least. You can use common sense and practice basic roofing safety precautions to greatly reduce the risk of injury on-the-job. Roof Safety Guidelines Don’t get on a slippery roof. Unless you’re a trained professional, it’s best to avoid roof construction when surfaces are slick… read more