Choosing Materials for Your Commercial Roof

Based on all of the roofing materials outlined previously, where should you begin when choosing materials for a commercial roof?

For most businesses, time is money. Selecting a long-lasting roofing material will help you to get the most value out of your investment.

With that being said, metal roofing may be the most popular choice for a commercial structure with an exceptionally long lifespan of close to 100 years, starting as low as $5000 for professional installation.

A business may also consider asphalt composition or wood shingles with professional installation costs as low as $1500 and $7000, respectively. Wood shingles provide a modest life expectancy at 20 years, compared to a minimum of 30 years for asphalt shingles.

Clay tile isn’t likely to be an ideal roofing solution for a business with high installation costs and demanding internal structural support needs. A business with a flat or low slope roof may prefer rolled roofing due to its low price tag – although it certainly won’t win any beauty contests.

Last but not least, a commercial facility focused on energy efficiency with a commitment to the environment may prefer green roofing above all. Green roofing can create a naturally beautiful frame for a harsh commercial structure with long-term payoffs in energy savings.