Free Roof Evaluation by A & J Reliable, Inc.

Snow and ice this winter caused damage to roof shingles, fascia boards and gutters. Ice problems cause gutters to sag, loosen and detach from the fascia wood. Roof shingles and flashings curl and buckle due to the winter storm damage.

A & J Reliable, Inc. offers free roof evaluations for all homeowners and building owners in the metro New York area. A&J inspectors have many years of training before becoming an inspector. Each inspector specializes in roof and gutter systems. A&J inspectors have been through the process of installing new roofing, so they know what to look for when evaluating roofs.

A roof inspector report is based on 49 points of inspection. The report includes any physical to structural deformation. The report includes any buckle and curled shingles, punctures, cracks, ponding and corrosion of metal.

Attic conditions are a key indicator of how a roof is doing. The A&J inspectors also look for humidity in the attic to warped plywood and leaking vent pipe flashing. At the end of the evaluation the roof is rated from poor to excellent.

The next visit to the home or building is in six months with an all new free evaluation. Regular inspections lead to early detection of roof problems and protect the assets of a home or building.

A & J Reliable, Inc. has been serving the tri-state New York area since 1979. A & J Reliable, Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. To reach A & J Reliable, Inc. in Westchester, New York call (914)-681-1903. In Rockland County call (845)-356-3886. A & J Reliable, Inc. has been helping to save customers money at the first sign of roof failure for years.

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