Green Roofing

Green roofing is an attractive, functional, economical roofing solution that can be used on any residential or commercial structure. One of the greatest selling points of green roofing is its natural beauty and aesthetic appeal. What property owner doesn’t want to enjoy beautiful plant life atop their building day after day?

According to the International Green Roof Association, three different types of green roofs are available with different maintenance needs:

  1. Extensive: The simplest green roof available has a shallow soil layer with drought-resistant plants that thrive in arid climates.
  2. Semi-Intensive: The intermediate green roof has a deeper soil layer with plants that require more care, like shrubs and herbs.
  3. Intensive: The advanced green roof involves extensive care and maintenance to include bushes, trees, and perennials.

Beyond the natural beauty, are there any advantages in installing a green roof atop a home or business? Green roofs are most practically used in urban environments to reduce pollution, improve air quality, and combat heat within a concrete jungle.

For a homeowner, a green roof can improve roof insulation, better protect roofing materials, and increase energy efficiency within the four walls of a house.

Green Roof Costs

  • DIY: Starting at $10 per square foot; annual maintenance estimated at $.75 per square foot.
  • Professional: Could cost up to $464,000 with $200,000 in energy savings over its lifespan.

Although a green roof may cost more to upgrade or install on a property, it can quickly pay for itself when compared to the maintenance and replacement costs of a traditional roof. A commercial green roof also has a life expectancy of over 40 years.

To make a final decision, consider the expense of a green roof in light of the benefits it provides. If heat reduction and clean air are important to you as a homeowner or business owner, a green roof may be the wisest choice in roofing materials.