How to Access Roof Weather Damage

If your area has experienced a recent storm that was big enough to knock down trees and power lines, it may be time to climb up on your roof to evaluate the damage. It’s also worthwhile to evaluate your roof after a heavy season of rain or snow to catch weather damage early on.

As soon as it’s safe to examine your roof, it’s time to assess the full damage.

When evaluating your roof after a storm, focus on major issues as a matter of priority. Clearly, a hole or gap in roofing materials that is causing a leak in your home or business is a serious concern and will need repair as quickly as possible. Other small surface issues, like missing shingles, that may not cause moisture to accumulate are lower on the list.

As you assess your roof, use your five senses. Listen carefully to detect if your work boots make a crunching sound as you walk over the roof structure. This seemingly innocent sound could indicate that your roof was lifted up in a storm and has settled back into place.

A lifted roof requires further attention right away. If a section of a roof has lifted, fasteners may have penetrated back into the roof membrane and will cause leaking in the next rainstorm.

In others cases, a severe hailstorm could cause long-term leaking without any visible signs of damage. If hail has beaten down the underlying substrate of roofing materials, roof felt may no longer adequately resist water and could lead to leaks in the future.

Roofing contractors recommend consulting with an expert after a major snow, rain, wind, or hail storm.

If obvious signs of weather damage aren’t immediately detected, yet you are still experiencing a leak, a roofing consultant can hop on your roof and use infrared technology to identify vulnerabilities in a roof’s moisture barrier.

If roof damage after a storm is noticeable and extensive, contact your insurance company first of all. Your home or business property insurance policy may provide coverage for roof repair or replacement caused by natural Acts of God.