Important Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

While no one enjoys cleaning out their gutters it is one of those jobs that are essential for home maintenance. Gutter cleaning in Westchester County, NY should be done at least twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. If you live in a heavily treed area, you may want to consider cleaning out your gutters a minimum of four times throughout the year. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your gutters up to 30 years. There are a few simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to make this process easier.

Practice Safety

Safety should be your number one concern as you approach the job of cleaning your gutters. Being proactive and taking all the necessary precautions is the best way to prevent injuries.

• Ladder Safety: Position your ladder properly and ensure that it is securely footed. It is best to have someone holding it at the bottom to prevent it from slipping. If you are using the ladder alone, always make sure you tell someone that you will be on the ladder and possibly the roof.

• Proper gear: When you are cleaning your gutters, always use the right protective gear for the job. This includes gloves to protect your hands from both bacteria and cuts, eyewear to protect against anything that may fly out of the gutters (including wasps), and rubber shoes that will prevent you from slipping or falling.

• Be aware of all hazards: Before climbing up the ladder, take a minute to look around your environment to identify any potential risks. Things such as power lines, trees, animal nests, and loose or wet soil can all pose potential dangers.

Gutter cleaning in Westchester County, NY

How Do You Clean The Gutters?

While it is not the most glamorous job, the process of cleaning your gutters is fairly simple. The basic aim is to remove as much buildup as possible from the gutters and avoid clogging up the downspout. This is done using a small plastic scoop or shovel. Scoop out all the leaves, dirt, and anything else in the gutters. A good tip is to start cleaning from the corners of your roof and work your way towards the center. This reduces the risk of moving things into the downspouts and clogging it up. Once you have reached the center, scoop out all the debris. After most of the debris has been removed, use your garden hose to flush out all the reaming bits. This is a good time to check for any leaks that may be in your gutters. Next, move the water to your downspouts to give them a rinse and check for any blockages.

Know When To Call In The Professionals

There may be times when the job is just beyond your capabilities, and you need to call in the professionals for help. For things such as the following it might be best to find a company that is experienced in gutter cleaning:

Your roof is extremely high.
Your gutters have been in place for over 30 years.
There are large leaks in the gutters or evidence of rot.
A large amount of debris is in the gutters.

Finding an Expert at Gutter Cleaning in Westchester County, NY

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can take preventive steps to extend the life of your gutter and prevent possible damage to your home. However, if you need professional assistance with this, several reputable companies offer gutter cleaning in Westchester County, NY. Click here for more information.