No-Brainer Guidelines for Roof Safety

The good news is that roof safety isn’t complicated in the least. You can use common sense and practice basic roofing safety precautions to greatly reduce the risk of injury on-the-job.

Roof Safety Guidelines

Don’t get on a slippery roof.

Unless you’re a trained professional, it’s best to avoid roof construction when surfaces are slick from frost, dew, snow, or rain.

Always wear a roof safety harness.

On a roof with a steep pitch, it’s important to tie securely to a safety harness that is attached to an anchor.

Keep your work area / roof clean.

It’s best to clean as you go to sweep up wood, sawdust, and shingle particles that could make a roof surface slick.

Wear rubber-soled shoes.

Rubber-soled shoes or work boots will offer much better traction than leather-soled shoes; check that soles are in good condition before climbing on a roof.

Install underlayment as quickly as possible.

Once you cover a roof deck with shingle underlayment, the surface will become less slippery and safer for walking.

Build temporary toe holds.

Most roofers prefer to nail adjustable roof jacks or 2’ x 4’ roof cleats to a roof deck to serve as a temporary toe hold. Toe holds can be removed after roof installation is complete.

Continually remove tripping hazards.

Always remove electrical cords, tools, and other items that could cause a tripping hazard at a great height.

Observe federal and local roof safety requirements.

Make sure to research and practice government agency requirements for roofing safety in residential and commercial projects.

When in doubt, don’t forget to rely on your most important safety tool: your common sense. Although roof safety training can provide basic guidelines for construction, you can use your five senses to assess roofing conditions before embarking on a potentially dangerous project.



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