Roof Cleaning Vs Roof Washing – What is the Difference?

As the country begins to focus outside the walls of our homes again, it’s a great time of year to beautify and protect the home’s exterior. Regular roof maintenance, including washing, keeps the home looking attractive, functioning optimally, and it saves money by avoiding costly repairs later on. You may be wondering, “where can I find the best roof washing near me?” Look no further than A & J Reliable. We are proud to offer a full suite of custom exterior washing and disinfection services to enhance the family’s safety and the home’s curb appeal. We give special attention to entry doors, doorknobs, and the doorbell. From railings to walkways, the driveway, and even the mailbox, we ensure everything is clean and protected.

When we visit a client’s home for a roof washing service, we’re especially looking out for types of bacteria that feed on limestone fillers in older fiberglass shingles. When these bacteria strike, they cause unsightly black streaks and stains, often mistaken for simple dirt. The best way to keep this issue under control is with regular and routine care. We’re also looking for lichen, including fungus and green algae, that may be responsible for loosening the shingles and that must be removed. We also gently treat any moss growing on the roof, which can actually destroy roofing materials if it is not controlled in a timely manner. At A & J Reliable, we’re proud to let our clients know that we use only the gentlest treatments to control these issues. This allows our clients to avoid the destructive potential of pressure and/or power cleaning services. When clients ask, “where do I turn for “roof washing near me?” A & J Reliable is the answer. We preserve the integrity of the roof while also caring for it regularly.

Why avoid high-pressure cleaning services?

At A & J Reliable, we do not recommend homeowners turn to powerful pressure cleaning procedures. We also caution against hiring companies who promote these services because they can potentially damage the roof and its structure. We believe in gentler procedures for good reason. Pressure washing isn’t an effective solution for dealing with algae spores, and it doesn’t kill the bacteria and other substances below the surface area. If not properly washed away, these issues will continue to cause a problem. In addition, because pressure washing often leads to water entering in behind the fascia, flashing, and siding, it’s an invitation to more damage and leaking issues for the roof.

roof washing near me

When customers ask, “where can I find high-quality roof washing near me?” we think it’s important to share the truth about traditional exterior cleaning services. Because these providers use high pressure power cleaning, they may remove surface contaminants. Unfortunately, they can also potentially damage the roof’s materials, as well as loosen and damage its UV protecting granules. Furthermore, high-pressure techniques may void any warranty the homeowner would otherwise have been entitled to.

A & J Reliable: the no-pressure solution

Rather than aiming and firing at the roof with destructive pressure, gentler roof washing uses a non-pressurized technique that dispenses professional grade soaps. These products safely and effectively remove any algae, lichen, and moss. This assures the homeowner that all debris has been removed in the most safe, protective, and effective way. When you ask yourself “how can I find the best roof washing service near me?” turn to our team of experts at A & J Reliable, Inc. We’re here to stop any roof damage and extend the roof’s life and protective integrity. Not only do we help homeowners keep their home looking beautiful, but our services also add value in the case of an appraisal or upcoming sale, thanks to enhanced curb appeal. Contact us to know more details.