6 Ways to Prep Your Roof for Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. However, the falling leaves and fruit can take a toll on our properties. Some houses near tall trees may suffer roof and gutter damage due to the falling foliage.  When fallen leaves and branches accumulate on a roof, they can create issues if they… read more

7 Roofing Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

As a homeowner, you need to understand many aspects of your home to maintain it properly. However, many homeowners can be intimidated by the unfamiliar words used in the home maintenance industry, especially when it comes to roofing terms.  Learning some of the basic terminologies around roofing can help homeowners understand how to maintain the… read more

The Basics of Roof Repair

Repairing a roof can be challenging. Knowing when to call a professional roofer is part of that challenge. To be safe, you should always get a professional quote. Even repairs that seem minor can be catastrophic if not done properly. Below is a brief guide on minor repairs to your roof. This guide will cover… read more

A Guide to Washing Your Roof

Roofs are an absolutely critical piece of our homes. They protect us from the elements, keep out unwanted debris, and ensure that no critters enter our properties.  Since roofs do so much for us, they can also get pretty darn dirty in the process. Did you know that you should regularly wash your roof? Most… read more