Roof Truss Designs

Commercial roof trusses can vary and may include:6 Regular/Common Truss: Most popular and affordable truss design in residential and commercial properties. Scissor Truss: Offers more headroom on a first story with a cathedral ceiling. Cambered Truss: Offers extra first story headroom and a mid-section flat ceiling. Dual Pitch Truss: Constructed with two different roof slopes;… read more

What Are the Most Popular Commercial Roof Styles?

While roof trusses can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, they offer countless advantages for a commercial facility to support both design and functionality. In a commercial property, roof trusses will provide a wider span available and can increase the load bearing weight to accommodate heavier roof materials. Depending upon the facility, commercial… read more

The Structure of a Commercial Roof

When it comes to commercial roofing, you’re likely to find these basic roof structures atop a commercial facility: Flat: A flat commercial roof doesn’t have a slope or peak in the roof. For this reason, the accumulation of snow and rainwater can be a chief concern for a business. A flat roof is made up… read more

Get Familiar with Residential Roofing Materials: Top 10 Roof Materials for Residential Properties

MSN took the time to name the 10 hottest residential roof styles based on look and price, starting with:4 Asphalt: Asphalt roofs are built with thick paper shingles saturated with asphalt to keep water out. Although most people associate asphalt shingles with being gray and rectangular, manufacturers now make shingles in a variety of colors… read more

The Structure of a Residential Roof

A residential roof can be categorized into three different basic structures: Single roof Double roof Trussed roof In more modern residences, you’ll likely find a variation on the third category of roof structure known as a trussed rafter roof. In layman’s terms… A single roof has rafters that don’t require intermediate support. As a result,… read more

A & J Reliable, Inc. Wins Second Place!

A & J Reliable, Inc., Inc. is pleased to announce that they are the recipients of Gutter Cover International’s second place award for “Outstanding Performance in Sales and Service for 2011”!A&J is the second largest Gutter Topper dealer in North America. We are pleased to continue our excellent relationship with owner Tony Ianelli and his… read more