10 Reasons You Should Have Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

As fall marches steadily into winter, you have 101 things on your mind. There’s a rush on at work, your kids are in three separate holiday shows, and you need to get prepped for family visits.

We get it: there’s lot’s to keep track of. But, before the harsh winter weather hits, you’ll want to make sure you find time to get your roof inspected. Here’s 10 reasons why you should have your roof inspected before winter:

1. Spring and summer can be hard on your roof

While you may not think it, summer storms and heavy rainfall can take a toll on your roof. Before the winter weather sets in, you want to get your roof inspected to see what damage might have occurred throughout the year. 

2. Find hidden issues

Out of sight, out of mind? Even if you can’t see the immediate effects, your roof may be suffering the impacts of weathering, aging, debris, or vegetation growth. An inspection can uncover issues that you might not have otherwise noticed.

3. Fix small issues now, avoid big issues later

If your inspection does turn up any hidden (or not so hidden!) issues, you can catch them before the problem escalates. If a problem exists, the longer it goes unnoticed the worse it is likely to become.

4. Winterize your roof to prevent new damage

An inspection can let you know if there’s any steps you can take to prevent new damage over the winter season. Expert roofers can let you know if your shingles are loose or missing, or showing other signs of damage. By being proactive, you can help to extend the life of your roof and avoid new issues emerging. Learn more about winterizing your roof here.

5. Plan ahead and avoid unexpected costs

Emergency repairs and full roof replacements are far more costly than routine maintenance. By taking a proactive approach to protecting your roof, you can save your hard earned dollars for the things that really matter. Like saving for a winter sun vacation!

6. Roof repairs are best done before the temperatures drop

Fall offers the best weather conditions for roof repairs. Roofing is best installed on a clear day when the temperatures are above 45-50 degrees. As the temperatures drop, shingles can become brittle and difficult to work with, which can cause problems for your roofer. If you need repairs, it’s best to get them done before the mercury drops.

7. Shingles need to be properly sealed before winter

Shingles need to be properly sealed before the winter to form an airtight, moisture resistant barrier. Sealing also reduces the likelihood that chilly winds will blow your shingles away.

8. Save on your winter bills

Reap the rewards of a well-insulated house, and save on your heating bills. The savings you make throughout the cold winters can help offset the costs of any repairs you’ve had done.

9. Stay warm throughout the winter

Winters in New Jersey and New York can be tough enough without the cold getting in through your roof. Keep your family cozy throughout the cold season by nipping any issues in the bud.

10. Enjoy peace of mind

The last thing you want to be worrying about is getting your roof repaired in the middle of winter. You want to enjoy the festive season. You want to be planning skating trips, or other winter fun. You don’t need the stress. Getting your roof checked out early means you can be confident that your roof is in good shape for the coming season.

Ready to get your roof inspected?

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