What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a Home

When you are moving into a house, there are many things that you must think about: from the proximity to desired amenities to the interior of the home and even the yard. The thing that most people don’t give much thought to is the roof. However, this is critical to the process. When you get your home inspection, make sure that they pay attention to the roof. 

Several aspects should be considered when reviewing the health of the roof. These are as follows: 

  • Age of roof 
  • Missing/cracked/damaged shingles 
  • Ventilation 
  • Blocked gutters
  • Water stains/mold

If you need a roof inspection, call the expert roofing contractors at A&J Reliable. We’ll be more than happy to help ensure that the roof of your home is in tip-top shape. If it’s not, we’ll provide you with a quote on repairing or replacing it. 

5 Things to Consider when Inspecting a Roof 

As mentioned above, several things should be considered when purchasing a home- including the roof. There are 5 common issues when it comes to roofs- we will discuss each of those below. 

Age of Roof 

According to the experts, typically, a roof should last for about 20 years. Of course, the overall health and appearance of the roof will change through the years- but the 20-year mark is an appropriate marker to use. The current homeowner should be able to provide you with the information necessary to help you judge the age of the roof. 

Of course, if the home is newer, the age isn’t quite as critical- but you will want to consider the rest of the issues on this list when it comes to inspecting the health of a roof. 

Missing/Cracked/Damaged Shingles 

When you’re inspecting the roof, one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong is when shingles are missing, cracked, or damaged in some way. This is common as the seasons change- and as the potential new homeowner is not an issue that you should have to be responsible for. Instead, the current homeowner should contact a roofing professional to have the issue rectified. 


Lack of proper ventilation on a home’s roof can result in dry rot. This issue is due to excess heat/trapped moisture in the roof- which can cause shingles to become warped over time. Additionally, if it goes on for some time, it can harm the insulation. The excess moisture gets into the insulation, causing it to flatten/clump- which means it will no longer prevent heat transfer. 

Blocked Gutters 

If gutters are not flowing freely, the gunk buildup could potentially cause internal damage to the home. Over time, this becomes a significant threat to the structural integrity of the home.

Additionally, buildup in the gutters can cause water to overflow, which can lead to foundational damage and mold/mildew in the basement. Blocked gutters are a risk to the entire structure. 

This is why it’s always important to take the time to have the roof inspected before you buy a home. 

Water Stains/Mold 

If you’re able to have access to the attic, this is a great place to begin your evaluation of the health of the roof. The attic provides lots of clues, including mold, water damage, and even ventilation issues. 

Be sure to look up at the ceilings when looking at a house, as water stains will be visible there. Another place to look for water stains is the exterior walls of the home. No matter where they are, the water stains are an indication that there’s a leak in the roof. 

If the issue is not handled properly, more water damage will enter, and mold will grow. It’s best to have a professional roof inspector look for these issues in your dream home before you finalize the purchase.


When shopping for a new home, most people don’t give much thought to the roof- but this is one of the most important things. If there are issues with the roof, the entire home is at risk. The last thing that you want is to purchase a new home only to find out that you immediately have to replace the roof. 

The best thing is to make sure that a home inspection was done that includes the roof. The experts at A&J Reliable will be happy to conduct a roof inspection and point out any potential issues.