6 Ways to Prep Your Roof for Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. However, the falling leaves and fruit can take a toll on our properties. Some houses near tall trees may suffer roof and gutter damage due to the falling foliage. 

When fallen leaves and branches accumulate on a roof, they can create issues if they go unattended. Maintaining your roof correctly in the summer will ensure that your roof is completely prepared for the fall season.

There are preventive measures you can take to prep your roof for fall. You can protect your roof from potential damage by taking steps to prepare it for the autumn season. Get these tasks done in the summer before the leaves begin to fall. Working in the morning or late afternoon can help you avoid working in the summer heat. By properly maintaining your roof regularly, you can ensure that your roof will survive the changing of the seasons.

Here are 6 ways you can prep your roof for fall:

  1. Clear Branches Above Roof
  2. Clear Debris
  3. Empty Gutters
  4. Install a Gutter Guard
  5. Arrange a Roof Inspection
  6. Make Necessary Repairs

Read on to find out more about the different ways you can prep your roof for fall this year.

Clear Branches Above Roof

One of the significant damages a roof can experience during the fall is from damp, fallen leaves or branches accumulating in the gutters and on the roof itself. Roofs that have leaks or that are not adequately maintained are susceptible to damage during this season. 

Clearing overhanging tree branches near the roof can help to avoid leaves accumulating during the fall. In regions that experience snow during the fall season, snow piling up on an overhanging branch could cause it to break, and if it’s a heavy branch, it is a risk to damage the roof. 

Clear Debris

A roof should be checked every other month to ensure there is no buildup of debris. Clearing debris is especially important near the end of the summer season before fall begins. This can prevent debris piles from causing breakage and damage to the roof.

All sorts of debris can accumulate on a rooftop. Twigs, leaves, dirt, branches, and other plant materials are all commonly found within rooftop debris. Removing these objects before they collect and get out of control can help to prepare your roof for the fall season.

Empty Gutters

Similar to rooftops, gutters attached to the roof can accumulate lots of debris. During the fall season, it is likely that any exposed gutters will gather falling leaves as they blow in the wind.

Forgetting to empty your gutters could lead to clogs in the spouts that drain water from your roof. These clogs could lead to water retention near your roof, highly damaging to the shingles. There is also the risk of accumulated leaves being too heavy, causing the gutters to bend or break.

Install a Gutter Guard

A gutter guard can be a valuable tool to help prep your roof for fall this year. The installation of a gutter guard can help prevent the buildup of debris or snow within the gutter. Clearing and cleaning the gutters is an important aspect of roof maintenance.

Gutters are very susceptible to damage during the fall season. Having a gutter guard in place can help protect your gutters from debris that can weigh them down. Doing this will overall help to prepare your roof for fall. 

Arrange a Roof Inspection

Arranging for a professional to come to inspect your roof is an excellent way to prep your roof for fall. A roof inspection will involve checking for any leaks or damage to your roof. The inspector will also assess whether the roof is adequately insulated. 

The inspection report will include details about any repairs required to improve the condition of the roof. Hiring a roof inspector can ensure your roof is properly maintained and prepared for fall.

Make Necessary Repairs

Any necessary repairs that were listed in the inspection report should be completed before fall. Completing repairs and maintenance before the fall season can be easier than dealing with the extra fallen debris from the changing of the seasons.

Ensuring that your roof is in good condition during the summer can help to prepare your roof for the fall season. Preparing your roof will help protect it from damage caused by falling debris and accumulated plant matter.