4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Cooling Bills This Summer

When it comes to the roof, many people take on the attitude of “out of sight, out of mind,” and the only time they pay attention is when something major happens, such as a home inspection finding issues or a storm causing roof damage. However, even when there’s no crisis, your roof deserves attention. After all, it does offer a lot of potential for energy conservation and reducing your cooling bills during the summer. 

Several issues could be causing your energy bills to be high. However, you can reduce those costs by repairing your existing roof or replacing it, if necessary. Here are a few ways your roof can help reduce your energy costs.


The ideal time to address the efficiency of your roof is during a re-roofing project, but since a new roof can cost thousands of dollars in labor and materials, many homeowners put it off until they have to do it. However, suppose you’re not ready for a roof replacement. In that case, you may be able to improve the energy efficiency of your existing roof by evaluating and potentially upgrading the insulation in your attic. 

Adequate insulation will significantly reduce energy costs, and it will also extend the life of your roof. The insulation creates a barrier reducing the thermal transfer between your attic and the climate-controlled portion of your home. A roofing contractor can bring the insulation up to code during a re-roofing project, but you don’t have to wait until then to add insulation to your attic. You can do it whenever you choose. 


You may feel like it’s counterproductive to improve the insulation in your attic and then add vents that allow outside air into the attic space. The truth is that fresh air plays a critical role in the health of your roof. Insulation does establish a thermal barrier between your roof and your living space. Still, temperatures in the attic can get suffocating, and without ventilation, roof decking can become warped, which shortens the life of your shingles. It can even get through the insulation to the living areas of your home, forcing your air conditioner to work harder.  

Intake vents are placed along with the lowest points on the roof, typically in the soffit under the eaves. These vents pull fresh air into the attic. Natural air circulation occurs when combined with exhaust vents installed higher on the roof. The cool air is pulled into the intake vents, warms up, and rises to the top, where it leaves through the exhaust vents. This prevents the build-up of heat in the attic. When your attic is properly vented, the roof will last much longer, which will keep your cooling costs down this summer. 

Shingle Color 

If you have ever placed your hand on a black or dark-colored car sitting out in the sun on a hot summer day, you know how hot it can be. This is also the case with a dark-colored roof. A dark roof will absorb more heat than a light-colored roof, resulting in the heat being transferred to the roof decking and the attic. 

To avoid this, when you have your roof re-shingled, consider choosing energy-efficient solar-reflecting colors. This will reduce the heat transfer to your attic, which keeps your home cooler. Since reflective shingles reflect the heat, they remain cooler, which means they last longer. Of course, keep in mind that shingle choice isn’t the only factor in an energy-efficient roof, and this solution should be combined with the other ones listed here. 

Radiant Barrier

The final way that your roof can reduce your cooling bills this summer is by adding a radiant barrier. It will look like you painted the underside of your roof decking with silver paint. However, it’s a coating that reflects heat away from your attic. The result is less heat getting into your attic and the living areas of your home. Typically, a radiant barrier will be applied during a re-roofing project requiring the replacement of the decking. When used with the other solutions listed here, your roof can help reduce your cooling bills this summer, ultimately reducing your energy footprint. 

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