Why All Homeowners Should Consider a Spring Roof Inspection

Spring is finally coming after a long, cold, and maybe not so fun winter. Many homeowners turn to chores such as landscaping, refinishing the deck, cleaning out the garage, and more. What is not usually on that list is roofing maintenance, and the truth is, your roof needs some TLC as well. 

You need a roof inspection. This will give you an idea of the current condition of your roof, help you find out about any areas you should be concerned about, and keep your warranty up. If you schedule a roof inspection, you can detect issues early and have them repaired to avoid replacing your entire roof later on. 

As a property owner, it’s important to understand keeping your roof inspected and maintained. Your roof and components must be inspected at least once a year to ensure that it’s still in good shape and functioning as it is supposed to. Here is why all homeowners need to consider a spring roof inspection. 

Reasons for a Spring Roof Inspection

Winter is Over

In New York and New Jersey, winters are often brutal. Roof damage is often caused by cold wind and freezing temps, not to mention all the snow. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements. If there is an issue that you don’t have resolved immediately, it could result in leaks and even structural damage in the future. 

A spring roof inspection is a perfect time to have an expert check for water damage, cracks, missing/damaged shingles, and anything else that may have occurred to your roof during those winter storms. An expert roof inspector can help ensure that your roof is in great shape and can hold through the summer. 

Warmer Weather is Coming

The weather is pleasant during the spring. As long as no weather issues keep them from doing their work, an expert roof professional can easily conduct a spring roof inspection. When they can identify the signs of damage early on, it is easier for the contractors to take care of any repair or replacement tasks before the weather gets uncomfortably hot. 

Schedule Before Summer

 Some homeowners are aware of the need for a spring roof inspection but choose to put it off until summer or fall. At this point, you’ll be competing with other property owners that are having their roofs replaced/repaired. Spring is typically slow in the roofing world, which means they have the time, and it will be easier for you to schedule an inspection for the spring.

Saves Energy

While it’s true that winter weather is harsh on your roof- summer heat can be just as bad. Heat will dry out your shingles and worsen any existing issues. Therefore, it’s important to schedule a spring roof inspection to address issues before the summer heat worsens. If you do need shingles replaced, having it done in the spring will help keep your energy bills more manageable during the summer. 

Keeps Up Your Warranty

Your roof’s warranty covers major damage due to natural disasters, so you don’t get stuck with a huge repair or replacement bill. Most of them contain a caveat that you must have your roof inspected at least annually and have maintenance done on your roof. By scheduling a spring roof inspection, you can ensure that your warranty will remain valid. 

Recommended Maintenance for Roofs

Unfortunately, homeowners often handle problems with their roofs instead of taking the time to do preventative maintenance. You should put roofing maintenance a bit higher up on your list of priorities. While it’s true that an inspection will help detect areas that need repair, some steps can be done to ensure that your roof stays in great shape: 

Removal of debris

Clearing debris, such as tree branches, leaves, etc., can help avoid roof issues. Some of the most common issues associated with debris include leaks, clogged gutters, and broken shingles. 

Clear gutters/downspouts

 If your gutters are not clear, excessive rainfall during the spring can cause damage to your roof- especially if your gutters and downspouts are not cleared. 

Surface repairs

A professional roofing contractor can quickly take care of any simple repairs. If you wait, it can cause the issue to worsen, which means it will cost you more to have it repaired. 

Pipe seals/caulking

While your roofing contractor is on the roof, they will also check the caulking around pipes and vents. This is a simple, effective maintenance practice to help you avoid leaks and other issues. 

Hire a Professional You Can Trust

If you live in New York or New Jersey and are ready to schedule your spring roof inspection, contact the professionals at A&J Reliable. We offer free roof inspections and estimates. You can be sure that our contractors will arrive on time and help you build a preventative maintenance plan to help ensure your roof remains in tip-top shape for many years.