The Basics of Roof Repair

Repairing a roof can be challenging. Knowing when to call a professional roofer is part of that challenge. To be safe, you should always get a professional quote. Even repairs that seem minor can be catastrophic if not done properly. Below is a brief guide on minor repairs to your roof. This guide will cover the basics of what to look for, how to repair the issue, and other considerations. So, let’s get started!

Safety First! 

Never attempt to inspect or repair any part of your roof, inside or outside, by yourself. Always contact a roofing contractor to get a professional opinion. If the damage is open and obvious you will know that it is time to call a pro, otherwise, you should request a pro to regularly inspect your roof to make sure there are never any hidden issues. 

Unless the issue is obvious, such as a fallen tree, ripped shingles, or serious internal leaking, you should never try to inspect your roof by yourself. Doing so risks injury or more damage to your roof. 

The inspection often involves a careful and thorough examination of the entire rooftop and attic for leaking. Without the right gear and safety equipment, getting on the roof can be dangerous. You might not know what routes to take or shingles might be loose causing you to fall. Additionally, by walking on the roof you might actually damage a part of the roof that was not damaged initially, or you may worsen the situation altogether. 

Get the job done right

Without the right tools, it is unlikely that you will resolve the issue completely by yourself. Simple things such as failing to properly seal leaks can cause more leaking leading to mold damage. If you leave a portion of the roof exposed or leave a small crack, small animals such as squirrels or raccoons can squeeze themselves inside. Hiring a roofing contractor to properly inspect and then repair your roof will ensure that none of these problems become your reality. 

Minor leaks on the Inside of your Roof

Identifying and repairing leaks on the inside of your roof can be difficult. You should look for any obvious signs of a leak, but beyond the most obvious dripping or leaking of water, you may need a professional to look closer. This may or may not require you to dig into insulation or other difficult-to-reach areas. Doing so can cause damage and create a more expensive bill for you in the end.  

Outside Roof Repairs

If your roof tiles or shingles are visibly damaged, you should take fast action! Damaged tiles and shingles can be replaced with new ones. Whether it is the result of old age or weather damage, you need to call a professional to make any repairs and replacements. Replacing shingles and tiles can be achieved with basic household tools like a hammer and prybar, however other supplies like roof tacks and roof cement will be necessary depending on your roof. 

Other roof fixtures like roof flashing (the thin metal placed along your roof to direct water away from certain areas), roof vents, and chimneys should be assessed by a professional for wear and tear. Roof flashing and roof vents can experience corrosion; however, provided it is not extremely damaged, the flashing can be replaced with a small cover of the same material and roofing cement. Chimneys should be inspected in the areas making contact with the roof. Small issues like corroded flashing around the chimney can be easily repaired, while larger problems may require a professional. 

Get a professional quote

To ensure that your roof repair is done right, get a pair of professional eyes on it. You might think that roof repairs are expensive and that you could handle some of the minor repairs yourself. However, if not done properly, the cost and time spent on the repair can increase tenfold. It’s always smart to get a free quote from 1 or more roofing specialists in your neighborhood. Comparing quotes can help ensure that you have truly identified the issue and will be getting the best deal.

Ultimately, making minor repairs to your roof can save you money and help extend the lifetime of your roof. Remember to always practice safety and call a professional. Good luck and happy roofing!

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