DON’T Forget to Prep the Roof Before Beginning Your Roofing Project or Repair

Things to Avoid in Residential Roofing Projects
Tip #4: Don’t Forget to Prep the Roof Before Beginning

Most DIY roofers make the simple mistake of thinking that repairing a roofing leak is as simple as plugging a hole. This couldn’t be further from the truth…

Repairing a roof without necessary preparation can actually cause more damage in the long run. When a roof is repaired without removing old materials or using the wrong technique, cracks and holes will soon appear that can lead to even more leaks.

Depending upon the type of roof repair, preparation will vary.

A fairly straightforward roofing leak repair will involve surface preparation to include:

  • Brush away dust, gravel, dirt, and other loose particles.
  • Use a wire brush to remove scale and rust.
  • Cut away old cement to create a smooth work area.

To shield a roof surface with protective coating, further preparation may be needed to include:

  • Repair all signs of visible damage, including existing roof leaks.
  • Brush away dust, gravel, dirt, and other loose particles.
  • Use a wire brush to remove scale and rust.
  • Cover high-risk leak areas with roof sealant in two separate coats.

Clean Your Roof Before Roof Repairs

Even a simple task like properly cleaning a roof before a repair can make or break the success of a DIY project. One of the most common mistakes made in roof repair is improperly cleaning a roof surface or neglecting the task altogether.

Most manufacturers specify that specialized cleaners should be used to clean a section of a roof before a repair is made. Recommended cleaners may include a cleaner primer, a detergent wash, a mild abrasion, and a rinse.

Contact a Professional Roofing Company

If an older roof has experienced significant wear and tear, the roofing repair preparation process could be extensive. If you’re unfamiliar with the groundwork needed to complete a roof repair or if you don’t have the necessary prep supplies, it may be time to contact a professional roofer for help. For specific examples of professional roof cleaning services, please visit our page dedicated to proper roof cleaning and maintenance.

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