Roof Repair and Maintenance 101

Learning the basics of roof repair and maintenance will do you a world of good by helping you to save money on more costly roof upkeep. As a home or business owner, regular roof maintenance can preserve the integrity of a roof and may even help you to troubleshoot ordinary issues before they become serious.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Even a commercial building owned by the federal government, the largest building owner in the US, isn’t exempt from roof repair and maintenance.

The federal government revealed that the average government building roof was expected to last less than five years before a leak was detected; federal government building roofs required replacement at eight years on average.14

Without the proper care and maintenance, a roof is likely to fail prematurely for the following reasons:

  • Poor Workmanship – 47%
  • Poor Design – 16%
  • Faulty Materials/Weathering – 9%
  • Trapped Moisture/Mechanical Damage – 8%
  • Roof Traffic – 3%

Maintaining the Quality of Your Roof

Roof maintenance will help extend the life of your roof.

Whether you’ve recently installed a new roof or are trying to protect an older roof structure, maintenance is key to improve a roof’s lifespan. With regular preventative maintenance, roofing materials are guaranteed to last longer. Extending the lifespan of a roof will help to cut down on the costs of future repair and replacement to reduce the financial burden of roof upkeep.

If you want to maintain the quality of your roof, it’s time to become familiar with roof maintenance and repair. Maintenance and repair will help you to protect your roof as efficiently as possible by preserving roofing materials to give you peace of mind in each season.

The Basics of Roof Maintenance:

  1. How to Clean Roof Shingles
  2. How to Clean Gutters
  3. Tools Needed to Clean a Roof
  4. How to Remove Algae From Roof
  5. Roof Snow Removal 101
  6. How to Winterize Your Roof

The Basics of Roof Repair:

  1. How to Fix a Leaky Roof
  2. How to Replace Missing Shingles on a Roof
  3. How to Repair a Flat Roof
  4. How to Replace Gutters
  5. Winter Roof Repair
  6. Potential Safety Risks During Roof Repair


Professional Roof Maintenance & Repair

A professional roofing contractor will help extend the life of your roof with their extensive knowledge and experience. A & J Reliable, Inc. offers roof maintenance and repair services in Nanuet, New York as well as in New Jersey and Fairfield Connecticut. Learn more about our services or get a FREE estimate on your next project by contacting us today!