How to Replace Missing Shingles on a Roof

In a season of high winds, it’s not uncommon for asphalt shingles to lift up and break off completely. If you notice a few damaged or missing shingles after a winter storm, it may be time to gather your supplies and climb onto your roof for some much-needed repairs.

In other circumstances, your roof may be badly worn with multiple missing shingles that have accumulated over the years. At times like these, it’s best to consult with a professional roofing company to determine if a complete roof replacement is in order instead of temporary patchwork that may only waste time and money.

When to Replace Missing Shingles

Before starting basic shingle repair, keep in mind that it’s advised to replace shingles on a warm and dry afternoon. In these temperate conditions, shingles will be more pliable and are less likely to crack. The best time to replace missing shingles is usually in the fall or early spring.

Replacing Roof Shingles

If roof shingles are missing completely, you will need to replace an entire shingle in order to repair your roof.

If you have shingles leftover from your last roof repair or installation, you’re in luck. You will be able to use the same manufacturer-approved roofing materials to make the necessary repairs to your home or business.

If not, you may need to go out and purchase a new bundle of shingles in a lumberyard or home improvement store, costing up to $20 for a 100 ft.² square. If you can’t find a perfect match to repair shingles on your roof, choose the most compatible shingles available. For questions regarding shingle materials, please feel free to contact one of our expert craftsmen today.

Things You’ll Need to Repair Missing Shingles

To repair missing shingles on a roof, you’ll need the following materials:

How to replace missing shingles on a roof

  • New shingles (asphalt or wood depending on your choice)
  • Crowbar
  • Putty knife 


Steps for Replacing Roof Shingles

Step 1: 

Loosen two rows of shingles located immediately above the missing shingle with a crowbar or long putty knife to dislodge sealer strips.

Step 2:

Remove all leftover pieces of a missing shingle without damaging surrounding shingles; after removal, you should be left with a smooth surface for new shingle application.

Step 3:

Take measurements of the new shingle and trim as necessary with a utility knife to fit to the correct size.

Step 4: 

Apply roofing cement to the back of the new shingle to secure it in place before nailing.

Step 5: 

Slide the new shingle into the empty location and nail it in place.

Step 6:

Cover new nails and nail holes with roofing cement to prevent leaking.

Step 7: 

Press top shingles down over the new shingle to seal in place.

Step 8: 

Repeat the process as necessary to repair multiple missing shingles on a roof.

Professional Roof Shingle Replacement

Need help with replacing your missing shingles? A & J Reliable, Inc. offers immediate roof repair services throughout the tri-state area, including New Jersey and New York. For more information about our shingle repair and replacement services, please contact us today.