energy efficient commercial roofing

For most businesses, success depends on the almighty dollar. Many business owners focus heavily on the most effective way to keep overhead costs to a minimum to turn an even greater profit each quarter.

A commercial facility may be drawn to an eco-friendly roof for one simple reason: to save money on energy.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

While green roofing materials may be more expensive at face value compared to traditional materials, the energy savings of an eco-friendly roof is hard to beat. Based on estimations from the Worchester Polytechnic Institute, a commercial structure in a city like New York may see a yearly cost-benefit of $31.17 after installing a green roof. In Miami, this annual return may increase to $33.45.18

The installation of a green roof can be used in an urban area on a flat roofing structure to cut down on the heat burden on a building. A green roof can also provide a business with better insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs in each season.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

Beyond a completely green roof, a business can benefit from a number of eco-friendly roofing materials, like metal, tile, or recycled shingles. Durable materials like metal and tile are highly weather resistant, while remaining affordable to fit within a business’s budget. Recycled shingles are a recommended environmentally friendly roofing material that may have up to a 50 year lifespan.

A business that wants to increase their property value and reduce energy expenses can consider a much-needed upgrade to eco-friendly roofing materials. Making strategic improvements to a commercial roof structure to incorporate solar panel installation can help to slash energy costs even further.