A properly installed asphalt shingle roof made of high-quality materials should last approximately 25 years. Wood roofs can last up to 30 years, while 50 years is the average lifespan for copper, slate, and tile roofs. The one thing all types of roofs have in common is wear and tear over time. This is why we offer free roof inspections in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Wear and tear on a roof occurs even during periods when there are no significant weather events. Normal weather, animals, and other environmental factors all contribute to the degradation of roofing materials. Throw in severe storms and winds, and that normal wear and tear can be exacerbated.

A roof evaluation is intended to give you a detailed understanding of the condition of your roofing system at any given time. We offer free roof inspections in Fairfield, so there’s absolutely no risk for you to give us a call. Our roof evaluations can alert you to potential problems needing immediate attention or provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roof is in fine condition.

What’s Included in Roofing Inspections?

We believe a roof inspection should be a thorough evaluation that looks at every aspect of your roof and its substructures. An A & J Reliable, Inc. roof evaluation for Fairfield, CT includes:

  • Inspecting the roof for any obvious damage
  • Evaluating the condition of shingles
  • Checking for popped nails, blisters, etc.
  • Checking for recent water damage
  • Evaluating the presence of mold and mildew
  • Inspecting flashing across the entire roofing structure
  • Thoroughly checking flashing for evidence of leaks
  • Evaluating the condition of roof vents
  • Evaluating the condition of gutters and downspouts
  • Assessing the risks of nearby trees, power lines, etc.
  • Inspecting for damage caused by animals
  • Assessing any damage caused by recent weather events
  • Estimating the remaining life of the roof based on current condition

As you can see, a free roof evaluation by A & J Reliable, Inc. is more than thorough. Our goal is to fully understand exactly what is going on with your roofing system so that we can accurately inform you of its current condition and any problems we see for the immediate future.

Call Us BEFORE Your Insurance Company

There are times when rough weather can cause damage to roofs here in Fairfield. Did you know it’s better to call an experienced roofer before contacting your insurance company for a possible claim? It’s true.

Just because other roofs in your neighborhood suffered damage doesn’t mean there is damage to your roof. If you call your insurance company, they send an adjuster and it turns out there is no storm-related damage to your roof, you will have filed a zero-pay claim. That claim goes against you even though your insurance company won’t be paying you a dime.

A roof evaluation in Fairfield will provide you with:

  • If your roof shows signs of damage;
  • How bad the damage is; and
  • Whether or not the damage was likely caused by the storm in question.

With our free roof inspection, you’ll know instantly whether or not to contact your insurance company to make a claim. If you do end up needing to make a claim, you will already know what the damage is and exactly what needs to be done to fix it. This provides you with a bit more leverage when dealing with the insurance companies.

Getting Your Roof Inspected in Fairfield, Connecticut

A & J Reliable, Inc. offers free roof inspections in Fairfield, CT. A roof evaluation is a great way to know the current condition of your roof without spending a penny to find out. If it’s been a while since a professional looked at your roof, consider a free roof inspection. You’ll never really know the current condition of your roof until someone checks it for you.

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