The roof on your home or building is built to withstand severe weather and outside conditions. The average roof can handle strong winds, storms, and relentless amounts of sunshine. It will even protect you against snow and ice. However, too much snow and ice can cause serious damage to your foundation. The problem here in Fairfield, Connecticut is that it can be quite easy to accumulate more snow and ice than your roof can withstand.

A & J Reliable, Inc. provides professional roof snow removal in Fairfield, CT. With over 35 years of experience in roofing, we know exactly how damaging snow and ice can be to your roofing infrastructure. This is why it’s so important for snow and ice to be removed sooner rather than later. Contact us today and our highly-trained crew will provide you with the professional snow removal services your roof deserves.

Why Should You Remove Snow From Roof & Gutters?

You may have lived in Fairfield, CT all of your life without ever giving a second thought to how snow and ice could be affecting your roof. You wouldn’t be alone in this scenario. Most home and building owners believe that the roofing design accounts for the excess weight of snow during the winter season. What the roofing design doesn’t account for is abnormal amounts of snowfall and long periods of ice collection.

Possible Damages From Snow & Ice:

Accumulated snow and ice can cause lasting damage to your roofing system if not properly taken care of. Light snow is usually fine for most roofs. However, heavy and damp snow can start to put serious stress on your foundation. The following are common damages to roofs caused by snow and ice:

  • When snow begins to melt, it can cause water damage to your home’s interior
  • Water from melting snow can get under your roof shingles and freeze
  • Water under shingles can rot the roofing foundation
  • Water under shingles can cause mold and mildew in attic spaces
  • Ice dams can formulate from melting snow and have the potential to tear your gutters away
  • Ice dams and icicles hanging from your roof and gutters have the potential to injure people if they were to break off and fall
  • Water dripping from icicles on the gutters can lead to erosion of the home’s foundation

Know the Warning Signs of Too Much Snow:

There are warning signs that you should look out for that suggest when it’s time to remove snow from your roof and gutters:

  • Water spots on ceilings
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Sticking or jamming doors

Roof Snow Removal Services in Fairfield

A & J Reliable, Inc. offers professional roof snow removal services for homes and commercial buildings in Fairfield, CT. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to clear your roof safely. Through our services, we help extend the life of roofing structures and preserve the ultimate protection throughout the winter months. We utilize the latest techniques in roof snow removal safety and will ensure no damage to your roof, gutters, windows, and siding.

For more information on our roof snow removal services or to schedule an appointment for us to come out and clear your roof, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (203) 861-1891.