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A & J Reliable has been installing siding throughout the tri-state area since 1979, with thousands of satisfied customers in New Jersey and New York. Our team provides custom siding to suit any commercial or residential project.

We can meet your siding needs: wood siding, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, metal siding, wood house siding. sheet metal siding, steel siding.

Siding Materials

From wood to vinyl, we offer an extensive range of siding materials to fit the needs of any siding project. Selecting the ideal type of siding can be a daunting task. Our expert craftsmen will walk you through the entire process step by step. We install the following siding and trim in NJ and NY:

  • Fiber cement siding
  • Cedar siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Wood siding

Types of Wood Siding:

  • Clapboard
  • Shakes
  • Dutch lap
  • Beaded boards
  • Scallop design

Siding Accessories and Trim

Siding accessories have the ability to enhance and complete the ideal look you want for the exterior of your home. The decorative accents will deliver the features and performance of a custom and handcrafted design, allowing your home to stand out from the rest. A & J Reliable offers the following siding accessories in NJ and NY:

  • Soffits
  • Crown moldings and keystones
  • Dentil trim
  • Columns
  • Shutters

We’re often asked about issues such as wood house siding, cedar siding installation, and other detailed siding matters. Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if it’s for just a few simple questions. Our expert contractors are happy to help by providing their professional recommendations and warnings for certain types of siding materials used by other companies in New Jersey and New York. Below are some tips to know when purchasing and installing siding.

Siding Installation

It’s important to consider the following information when selecting and installing the ideal siding for your residential or commercial siding project:

  • Siding should be selected based on aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements.
  • Generally, thicker siding is better. Thin siding can sag and warp over time. Choose premium siding rather than a builders panel.
  • Choose the proper profile to enhance your home.
  • Use of siding accessories and colors enhance the job.
  • Choose siding that has UVA protection to ensure no fading.
  • Make sure the siding contractor is removing old siding.
  • Proper nails should be used in the siding installation process.
  • Make sure the siding contractors install 45º cuts at channels and surrounding areas.
  • Insulating board increases energy-efficiency. Use a thick board of at least ½”.
  • Soffits should have some form of ventilation to provide maximum air flow to the attic area.
  • Lighter color siding will have the illusion of making a house appear further from the street, and darker color siding will tend to make a house appear closer to the street.
  • In order for siding to be truly water proof, it must be properly installed.

Siding Services NJ and NY

As a leader in the industry, we continue to dedicate our time to New Jersey and New York by offering unrivaled siding services and installation. With our experience and expertise, we’ll take your siding project to the next level. For more information about our siding installation services, please fill out the form below or give us a call at the local NJ or NY location nearest you. We’re ready to start your siding project immediately!

Don’t forget to check out our gallery for the previous siding projects we have completed in the Tri-State area, including New York and New Jersey siding projects!

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